My Berlin story is like many others who’ve made this city their home. Berlin captured me almost immediately—better than what I’d heard and more exciting than I’d imagined.

This blog is meant to showcase my adopted city for all its awesomeness. I’ll highlight my favorite things to do in Berlin, the best bars, cafes and restaurants, events and festivals and, importantly, other people’s Berlin stories. Berlin is a changing city like most around the world, but it’s also an exciting one. A city full of interesting people, amazing events and exciting opportunities. This Berlin blog will try to share as much of that as possible.

Who am I?

I’m Adam. I write a few travel blogs and am based in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been living off-and-on in Berlin since the summer of 2011. Beginning in December 2012, I’m taking a daily German language course with the did deutsch-institut. I’ll share my experiences learning the German language and my hardly-boring life in Berlin on this website.

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