Am Flughafen

Yesterday I went to Tegel airport to pick up my boyfriend. If you’ve been to Berlin, you’ve probably flown through this airport. It’s the closest airport to the city center and many people like it because of its convenience. Personally, I just don’t see the beauty of the airport. In fact, I flat out dislike it.

Anyways, while waiting to pick him up, I had some time to learn a handful of new German words. Here’s my short guide to words at the airport (Wörter am Flughafen) — words that I learned in my language school (don’t ask me why) and a few others I picked up from the departure/arrivals board.


Wörter am Flughafen

  • Departures — Abflüge
  • Arrivals — Ankünfte
  • Landing — Anflug
  • Landed — Gelandet
  • Plane — Flugzeug
  • Airport — Flughafen
  • Flight attendant — Flugbegleiterin
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