Learning how to ask directions in a grocery store

I went to the grocery store this afternoon—the Saturday before the Christmas holiday. Not sure what I was thinking because it was a bit of a mad house in there. Thought I’d use this time to share a story from my German language course when we learned how to ask directions in a grocery store (and how to understand the answer). Things like, Where is the bread? or “It’s over there near the cheese.” ETC.

I’ve been in Berlin for a while before my course, so I already know quite a bit of vocabulary for the grocery store. Every time I walked into a Kaiser’s and realized I didn’t know the name for “flour” or “faijta seasoning” was a challenge, but it’s surprisingly easy to make do in these situations.

To make class interesting, our professor on the day we learned how to ask questions in a grocery store, Wolfgang made us pretend we were asking where to find assorted drugs and drug paraphernalia. It was a bit confusing at first, but made for some funny interactions at least.

Also: what’s the deal my course book (Kursbuch)? I feel like it’s from the ’80s even though I know it’s not. Some of the vocabulary in the grocery store section:

  • die Zigarette (cigarettes)
  • das Feuerzeug (lighter)
  • die Fernsehzeitschrift (TV guide)

Though, admittedly  just about everyone in Berlin (in Europe?!?) smokes so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that one of the first words we learn deals with smoking. But who on earth actually still uses a TV guide?!

at the grocery store 1 at the grocery store 1


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7 thoughts on “Learning how to ask directions in a grocery store

      1. Theresa

        :D You can find tons of them in every supermarket. Some targeted to older people, some to younger people, some with a time periode of a week, some with 2 weeks or more… :D I really didn’t see that as something unusual. :D

    1. Adam Post author

      Hey Bradley- sorry for the delay in replying! Was enjoying the holiday here in Berlin. We used the Hueber “Tangram aktuell” coursebooks. Seems there’s some interest in this so I’ll write a post about the books as well :)

    1. Adam Post author

      Hey Jonathan!
      No worries – seems people are interested so I’ll be sure to write more about it. But in the meantime, the coursebook we used was published Hueber and called “Tangram aktuell”


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