Introducing yourself in German

Learning German has been a fun exercise so far. In the first few days of class, we learned several basic phrases: what’s your name, how old are you, where do you come from, etc etc. We learned the phrases and the verbs before we learned the conjugations, and now that we know more of the grammar, the basic sentences used for introducing oneself make a lot more sense.

Today in my German language class yet another new person started the course. It seems people come and go throughout an intro language program. We started with something like 15 people, after two weeks this dwindled down to about ten, and we’ve gained and lost a few people here and there. Either they’ve successfully tested out of our language level, or maybe they’re too distracted by things in Berlin like Berghain.

Either way, each time we get a new student, that means we get to go through the basic German introductions.

  • Woher kommst du? Where do you come from?
  • Wie heißt du? What’s your name?
  • Wo wohnst du? Where do you live?
  • Was bist du von Beruf? What’s your job?
  • Wie alt bist du? How old are you?

Now that we have a more expanded vocabulary, however, we’re able to ask more serious questions like these

  • Welche sprachen sprichst du? Which languages do you speak?
  • Wie lange lernst du Deutsch? How long are you studying German?
  • Spielst du Sport? Do you play sports?

There are more, of course, but for a quick round of introductions, these basic questions are an easy primer. It’s like playing one of those annoying introductions game, but this time everyone is speaking at a kindergarten-language level!

*Slight changes made to fix some errors!

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3 thoughts on “Introducing yourself in German

  1. Theresa

    “Wie viele alt es?” isn’t correct. It could either be “Wie alt bist du/sind Sie?”, when talking about with a person or “Wie alt ist es?”, when talking about things.

    And it’s “Wie lange lernst du Deutsch?”

    1. Adam Post author

      Oh thanks! I definitely messed up with “Wie lange lernst du Deutsch”, but I totally knew it was “Wie alt bist du” — or at least, I should have :)


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