My story…in Deutsch

german language workbook

Today in German school (Deutsch-Schule), we started the morning with an exercise. Stefan, our professor, asked us to use all the various words/sentences/phrases that we’ve learned to date and to write something about ourselves. In about 10 minutes, here’s what I came up with.

Mein Name ist Adam. Ich bin 28 (achtundzwanzig) Jahre alt. Ich komme aus den USA aus Boston. Ich lebe in Berlin für eine Jahre. Ich spreche Englisch und ich lerne Deutsche. Ich bin Grafik Designer aber ich schreibe auch ein Reisenblog. Mein Hobbys sind trinken und kochen mit Freunden. Ich mag nicht die Kalte aber mag Schnee.

I think there still might be some errors in there, but hey, it was fun to write. Some other sentences that didn’t make my final edit because I couldn’t find a way to put them in my simple story.

Ich bin Schwul. Ich mag Schokoladenessen. Meine Wohnung is sehr schön aber die Küchen ist nicht so groß.

If you want the translation…try that Google translate thing. It was just a simple paragraph and we’ve learned a lot more in the past two weeks, but it was a nice little challenge to try this without using any books.


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7 thoughts on “My story…in Deutsch

    1. Adam Post author

      <3 Too kind!!

      I did have to make one edit to this paragraph, though. I initially mixed up the order for "aber ich schreibe auch" — I had no idea where to put "auch" in the sentence but it was just a simple swap 'til I had it right. Word order doesn't make much sense to me at this point, but I feel pretty good if I can get the right words on paper.

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